Damian's General Plumbing job

Plumber Needed - Gwelup, WA

Customer Name: Damian
Job Location: Gwelup, WA, 6018

Jobs Required:

- Plumbing for a bathroom or kitchen renovation

Property Type: This is a Residential job

Start timing: ASAP. This job is urgent.

Damian's comments: We are installing an irrigation system in the back yard and need a mainline cut-in and also the main water line extended to a shed. Both jobs can be done at once. First part is extend the existing mainline water pipe (cold water) by 8.5 metres to a manifold box for the irrigation. The main water copper 13mm line currently runs down the side of the house at just below ground level and ends at two taps attached to the house wall beneath our washing line paved area. We want the irrigation manifold /solenoids to be at the other end of the washing line paved area. So the mainline needs to be extended 1.5m away from the wall to the edge of the paved area and then turn 90 degrees and run 6.57m along the edge of the paved area. 250mm deep trench along edge paved area is already dug. I assume you can use high pressure PVC pipe to extend the existing copper water pipe.

Second part is make an irrigation main-line cut-in at the proposed irrigation manifold box- so presumably this means make a cut-in to the mainline and install a dual check valve/back flow preventer and isolation tap.

Third part is to continue the water pipe from the irrigation manifold box to the shed and join it to the sink in the shed. Distance to the shed is 7.5m. Trench is already dug. Pipe can enter shed via running inside a corrugation in the wall panel.
I can send a plan and photos if needed.


- I need the job done within the next 48 hours.

Schedule: - I need the job done within the next 48 hours.
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 02 January 2017
Status: Closed No Sf
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