Mark's Pool Maintenance job

Pool Maintenance - Mount Lawley, WA


I've bought a new house and the pool pump has a number of issues that have been identified in the pre-purchase report. My old place didn't have a pool. So I am looking for a second opinion on what needs repair and a competitive quote for these issues to be repaired, and to find a reputable company I can work with going forward for any maintenance issues etc.

The list of issues identified are:
-Dm52 chemigem isn't in working order. valves are broken and probe needs replacing giving false sanitation readings on swimming pool.
-Swimming pool skimmer box has a brick holding vaccum plate down,causeing safety lid to sit up (see photo) Clamp required.
-All 3 pool lights are not functioning due to moisture (replacement needed) .
-Spa booster pump not fuctional and corroded (see photo) .
-chemigem tubing needs replacing as chemicals are not feeding well due to deterioration.
-1 spa blower isn't working (see photo).
-Pool fence needs a secure screw (see photo).
-Chemigem Dm51 (spa sanitation) has pcb issues on main board, parts are no longer available for this unit.

Suggested parts are:
-LED Aquatight Replacement pool light (x3)
-Replacement spa blower
-Replacement D10 chemigem ( for the obsolete Dm-51)
-Replacement spa booster pump 1 1/4 hp
-Dm-52 Valves and probe
-Replacement chemigem tubing
-Vacuum plate clamp

I am particularly foccused on ensuring that the parts are supplied at competitive prices - I've had a quick look online and if you aren't able to match these prices then I am happy to supply the parts if you provide a parts list (happy to add 30 mins to job labour costs for you to provide the list!).

For instance:


Specific Job Details:

Schedule: next couple of weeks

Does customer have a budget for the job?: yes
Price Range: $2000 - $5000

Visit schedule: Anytime

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $2,000
Posted: 08 August 2017
Status: Closed
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