Jitara's T-Shirt Printing job

T Shirt Printing - Rothwell, QLD

Hi my name is Jitara and my Partner runs a business and we are after a screen print I have the shirts but if u guys can do them on Hi-Vis that would be great as in his line of work he is required to we hi-Vis the company name is Ryan's Affordable Garden Care and his number is[phone/email supplied] we are asking for the Logo to be on the front pocket and the Logo and number to be on the back in the centre we are on a tight budget as we are only a small business.

Specific Job Details:

T-Shirt type: I am supplying my own T-shirts

Design: I already have a design

T-Shirt count: 0-10

Schedule: next couple of weeks

Does customer have a budget for the job?: yes
Price Range: $100 - $500

Visit schedule: no site visit required

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $100
Posted: 06 June 2017
Status: Open for quoting
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