Anna's Signs & Signage job

Signs & Signage - Brookvale, NSW

Looking for the following signs done for our new shop in Brookvale:

1) H1250 x W900mm - Poster for outdoor glass display. Full Colour: (GEM logo "Windows & Doors" - Arrow Sign- > Open 6 Days)

2) H1200 x W1540mm - Vinyl/ Decal sign on entry door (applied to glass) - Full Colour: (GEM logo "Windows & Doors", Operating Hours, Phone number)

3) H3000 x W1500mm - Vinyl/ Decal sign on glass panels (outside) - work at height required - approx. 4m off ground, Level 2: GEM logo "Windows & Doors"

4) H1380 X W1320mm (x 8) - Window decal/ sign applied from inside over 8 glass panes spelling out GEM Windows & Doors (with logo)

5) H2500 x W3000 - Acrylic (or similar) sign mounted on the wall (inside office) - Large Logo + Windows & Doors

Can provide photos of details where each sign is located on the building. Please provide your email address.

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: next couple of weeks

Does customer have a budget for the job?: no

Visit schedule: weekdays
Visit during: business-hours

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 26 April 2017
Status: Open for quoting
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