Sanket's Local removalist job

Local removalist - Macquarie Park, NSW

We wish to move from Macquarie Park to Carlingford. This is for a two bedroom unit. This will be on the Easter Saturday (31 Mar 2018). Please quote only if you are willing to do the moving job on this day. Thank you.

Specific Job Details:

Removal type:
- Moving house

Items to move: 1 queen bed and mattress
1 sofa bed
1 two seater sofa
1 TV
1 TV stand
1 Small study table
5 chairs
1 Washing machine
1 Fridge
1 Compact dishwasher
5 Medium size boxes
3 Large boxes

Pickup suburb: Macquarie Park, NSW, 2113

Moving from:
- unit/apartment

Moving from access via:
- Stairs

Number of bedrooms:
- two bedrooms

Drop off suburb: Carlingford, NSW, 2118

Moving to:
- unit/apartment

Moving to access via:
- Lift

Schedule: This week

Does customer have a budget for the job?: No

Visit schedule: Weekends
Visit during: Anytime

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 12 March 2018
Status: Hired
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