Ray's Roof Restoration job

Roof Restoration - Nundah, QLD

Eton Manor Body Corp needs quotes for a number of problems with the roof of the back building fixed at 74 Eton Street, Nundah.

1. A tile over the main balcony of Unit 6 (our top unit) has lifted and may be contributing to some leaking/ water marking in this area. The tile needs to be repositioned by a roof restorer.

2. The eaves lining down the western side of Unit 6 (level 3) from the bedroom balcony has detached, and the eaves/roofline over the main balcony is sagging. (See photo) This should be fixable from the bedroom balcony of Unit 6, and might need a qualified carpenter or licenced builder, but as it's all to do with the roof I think a licensed roof restorer would be able to fix it.

3. There is some gaping between the roof tiles above where the roof line of the main balcony of unit 6 has sagged, which may allow water to enter the cavity in periods of driving rain. When the unit was on sale, the inspector climbed into the roof and said the sagging rafters on the inside of the roof may have contributed to the leak stain on the internal wall of the unit. The stain would have occurred some time ago as there was no moisture evident on the day of inspection. He couldn't say whether the sag over the main balcony contributed to the sagging of the rafters on the inside of the roof, but that could be the case. There is evidence to suggest that there is some leakage into the roof void, and sagging to roof frame members can be observed in the roof space. When we had the roof blasted four years ago there was some leaking into unit 6 living room, and the roof-blaster pointed out that there is no roof lining under the roof over unit 6, which means that moisture can build up in the insulation foam on the ceiling of unit 6. We didn't consider installing some roof lining at that time, but maybe we should be considering that now that it appears we have some major roofing restoration work to get done on the back building.

4. Looking out of the window from the level 2 staircase there is some grey roof-cladding material that has come out from under the tiles and is now hanging over the guttering of the roof above Unit 5's eastern wall.

We need a licenced roofer to inspect the rooves above unit 6 on level 3, and above unit 5 on level 2 of the back building at 74 Eton Street, Nundah, to establish how we should proceed to fix the problems outlined above. I can pass on the phone number of the new owner of Unit 6 as the roofer would need to organise with him for a convenient time to inspect the roof from the access in the ceiling of Unit 6.

As for the issue of the grey roof-cladding material that is appearing from under the tiles and is now hanging over the guttering of the roof above Unit 5's eastern wall, which can be seen from the window from the level 2 staircase, it might be possibly to assess that from a ladder up to level 2 near the entry door to the building. To get inside that roof from Unit 5 (which is on top of the garages on level 1) we'd need to get assistance from the agent handling the tenancy if the tenants are not home at the time of inspection.

The situation of the roof over unit 5 is not as urgent as the situation of unit 6 so we could leave that for the following year and just focus on the roof over unit 6 for this 2019 year. And maybe the following year we could attend to the unit 5 roof issue, while getting an inspection of the roof over the two town-houses at the front of the property, to see if there are any problems developing there. The teo buildings on the property were built in 1996. We didn't have any leakage issues with the front building when the roof blasting was done four years ago, so it's possible that the roof over the front building is holding up better than the rooves over the back building.

We look forward to getting some advice on how to proceed with rectifying the problems that have appeared with the roof of the back building at 74 Eton Street, Nundah Q4012.

regards from Ray Bergmann,
Secretary and acting Treasurer of Eton Manor Body Corporate,
Unit 3, 74 Eton Street, Nundah Q 4012.
[phone/email supplied]
Ph: 07-[phone/email supplied]; 0426-[phone/email supplied]

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done in the next couple of weeks

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: Anytime

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 19 January 2019
Status: Closed
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