Michelle's Roof Restoration job

Roof Restoration - Banora Point, NSW

Hi, im unsure if my roof is leaking as my managing agent says it was fixed years ago but a very damaged ceiling was not fixed. I dont want to replace ceiling and find water leaks again. It looks to me like the lead flashing needs attention and maybe some repointing on the garage level which is single storey. The main roof, id like that checked over too, as its 40 plus years old. The building is three storey high, so id also like a gutter clean quote as well. As there was a big tree over hanging one side roof that i just got removed. Ive included a picture of the garage roof that i took from a patio. id like an expert opinion on this roof please. Its a duplex and i own both sides. Banora point Cheers Michelle 0409200193

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Need job done this week

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Schedule: This Week
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Posted: 08 May 2019
Status: Open for quoting
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