Daniella's Roof Restoration job

Roof Restoration - Brompton, SA


I am looking for someone who is able to get up onto my roof (2 storey house) and silicon (using the appropriate UV resistant etc. product) a leak.

I have had insurance come to look at the job so I am fairly certain with what is required.

The phone number attached to this account is no longer active so please mesaage me for appropriate number-unfortunately i cannot edit this.

I work so a time will have to be arranged foe a quote. There is a gate at the fromt of the house which disables access when locked (please dont tell me you can quote whilst im not home and then get upset that there is a locked gate!).

Seeious quotes only. Please do not offer to quote and never get back to me. I have plenty more to do with my time as I am sure you do.

Specific Job Details:

Need job done within a few weeks

Site Visit: Any day
Visit during: Evenings 5pm onwards

Schedule: Within A Few Weeks
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 04 April 2019
Status: Hired
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