Sajjad's Roof Plumbing job

Roof Plumbing - Fawkner, VIC

Hi there,

I need to get following damage and ceiling leakage fixed that can be seen online:

Pl, contact Aazt for onsite inspection, once you’ve seen the pictures so that we would discuss it further.

Ceiling damage is from water seepage through the roof tiles. I had it inspected by a carpenter who shared following details including the pictures show in above link.

“I was asked to resolve leak issues at the ceiling below, i am out of my depth with this job....the following info may help you.

Photos above are from a multiple leaking ceiling area below the tiled area at residence; 235 McBryde Street Fawkner.

Someone has tried to caulk the tile join gaps at places compounding the leaking problems. I suspect the water is at times running to the ceiling side of the valley grout or damming up in the tile over lap and then into the ceiling space.

The upstairs roof has a down-pipe emptying upper roof water into the valley as well adding more overload to the leaking area. This downpipe may have to be removed and relocated. where?

I'm guessing new valley trays may be required and re grouted if required.

If there is such a thing as concave strips to cover the overlap and slide into the overlap at the tile above? may be part of the solution."

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done this week

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: Anytime

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 03 February 2019
Status: Closed
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