Nick's Roof Plumbing job

Roof Plumbing - Peppermint Grove, WA

Hi I have a new roof structure that I need a price on ? Provide labour, materials and tools to gain access and install Kingklip 700 colorbond roof sheets on top of 50mm Anticon insulation and roof mesh.
Provide new Ovolo profile gutter, approximately 12m in total.
Provide two new 100x75 and 100x50 downpipes inclusive of fixings.
Provide two new 380x2225x275 deep colorbond rain water heads.
Provide custom bend flashings where required, approximately 40m in total.
Provide new ridge, 5m in total. Provide 90x45 H3 roof battens.

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Posted: 30 August 2019
Status: Open for quoting
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