Steve's Land Surveying job

Land Surveying - North Willoughby, NSW

Hi there,
Need a detail and level survey of 24 Macmahon Street, North Willoughby to submit to Willoughby Council in support of a Development application. Currently undecided as to whether development will be a knock-down rebuild or if we will renovate and extend the existing house, so need survey to be sufficient for either purpose.
Survey is to include, but not be limited to the following items:
1. Lot dimensions & area by title overlayed, (Not surveyed)
2. Road, kerb & footpath location and levels
3. All visible services (at the time of survey)
4. Location and level of all buildings (including ridges) on the subject site
5. Location of any other visible significant structures on the site
6. Location and plotting of the partial footprint of the near side of the adjoining buildings, within 5 metres of the subject site, facing the common side boundaries. N.B. Please advise if you require the whole footprint of adjoining buildings or any buildings further than five metres from the common side boundaries as additional fees will be incurred.
7. Location of windows (with sill levels and head heights) in adjoining buildings (facing the site) and the subject building. N.B. Refer to point #6 as to what is covered by adjoining buildings.
8. Location of any easements within the site (as per the title diagram)
9. Location, spread and height of all significant, having a trunk diameter of greater than 0.2m, trees on the site
10. Spot levels and contours across the site
11. Reduced levels to Australian Height Datum (AHD) and the placement of a site Benchmark
12. Plotting and preparation of a plan prepared at a suitable reduction ratio with relation to True North to be delivered in both .PDF and .DWG format.

PLEASE CONTACT VIA EMAIL ONLY at [phone/email supplied] as I am unavailable during business hours and work late every evening, please send your quotation directly

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Posted: 21 March 2019
Status: Open for quoting
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