Adam's Land Surveying job

Land Surveying - The Gap, QLD

Surveyor needed this Friday. Looking for some urgent help due to scheduling commitments for the site prep and slab booked for 10th and 11th December we need to know the height to ensure we can install a sink for the clubs canteen.

We are a small not for profit club, The Gap Juniors Australian Football Club and looking for someone who can help us here with potential for sponsorship for season 2021. We are in the process of setting up our website and can do promotion with signage at games, our website, print materials for 2021.

Specific Job Details: We need current site elevation confirmed to identify the site slab finished floor level required so that we can install the sink drain which must meet the 51.250 metres above sea level due to flood zoning issues. Upon an Information Request issued by Plumbing Services, the site has a defined flood level (DFL) of 51.1m.
Therefore we need the Finished Floor Level (FFL) of the slab so that we can ensure the fixtures will be 150mm higher than the DFL. The area will need to be surveyed in order to get the FFL. Once I have this information then I can enter it on the Hydraulic plan and resubmit to Council.

Schedule: Not Specified

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: Anytime

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 01 December 2020
Status: Hired
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