Camilo's Welding job

Welding - Keysborough, VIC

Hi there,

This is Camilo from Reed Graduation Services; our company is looking forward to get new heavy duty rails clothes and fix some old ones where we keep our stock of gowns. Our rails hold between 70 to 100 gowns each depending on sizes, the specifications of the rails are: 1.9m high for 1.7m width with rubber wheels. We are looking for a welding company that can make 20 to 30 of them (including the ones that need to be fixed).
Please contact me at [phone/email supplied] for more details about this project.


Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done in the next couple of weeks

Budget: Not Specified

Site Visit: Weekdays
Visit during: Business-hours

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $100
Posted: 14 January 2020
Status: Open for quoting
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