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Metal Fabrication - Craigieburn, VIC

LOCATED CRAIGIEBURN VICTORIA - I need custom full stainless steel or titanium exhaust headers made for my k3 GSX-R 1000 which is installed in a custom made dirt buggy. My welder guy said he could not do it cos the yoshimira exhausts i have OR I THINK it was the headers which are titanium, and he did not have a titanium welder AND he did not know what after market specs to build the new headers to, as i told him that i did not want the same stock specs and sizes that came with engine. So now i need a custom titanium or stainless steel full exhaust system / pipes made to suit my yoshimura ends. They are double yoshi mufflers. So there is two of them in other words. Also, how much roughly please ? Thanks

Specific Job Details:

Need job done within a few weeks

Budget: $700

Site Visit: Any day
Visit during: Anytime

Schedule: Within A Few Weeks
Budget: $700
Posted: 15 May 2020
Status: Closed
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