Declan's Metalwork job

Metalwork - Brunswick, VIC

6 unit architectural refurbishment in fitzroy.
I don't have a steel fabricator for this project.

The work I need quoted is a custom ballustrade described in the architectural plans and the engineering. Secondly the steel framed screens that bolt down to the ground to create privacy for the ground floor window units.

Supply and install. Builder to supply any additional plant or scaff you may need.

All the plans and docs are on the link below:

Please call to discuss if you are interested.
All metal fabrication work is documented in the plans and the specifications.

We are a registered builder and we look after all our subbies.

Retention is 5% after 6mths from completion.

Payments to subbies monthly for % work complete.

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: This Week
Budget: No set budget
Posted: 02 April 2018
Status: Open for quoting
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