David's Window frame installation and repair job

Window frame installation and repair - Redland Bay, QLD

Two meter wide aluminium frame window looks like it has slipped down maybe a centimeter or less in the brick wall opening. The flashing seal on the sill is curled up, letting rain down into the wall cavity,

On one vertical side, there is a centimeter wide gap between the aluminium and the brick work. The other side is fine. Looks to me like the window opening was laid too wide by the brickie. The frame looks too narrow for the opening, the sides don't sit snugly against the bricks.

I need the window stabilized and the made weather proof without major structural changes.

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Next couple of weeks

Does customer have a budget for the job?: Yes
Price Range: $1 - $100

Visit schedule: Anytime

Schedule: Next Couple Of Weeks
Budget: $1
Posted: 24 February 2018
Status: Open for quoting
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