Tesh's Window Installation job

Window Installer - Mount Pritchard, NSW

I need new window installed need 5mm to 6mm thick glass. I need a quote on a price and meterials.

The measurements are:-
Front Sliding Door
Height - 2450mm
Width -2900mm

Balcony Side
Height - 2200mm
Width - 50mm

Balcony Inside
Height -1050mm
Width - 950mm

Bedroom 1 Window
Height -2100 mm
Width -2900mm

Kitchen Window
Height -1500mm
Width -1900

Bedroom 3
Height -1500mm
Width - 2450mm

Bedroom 2
Height -1500mm
Width - 2450mm

Specific Job Details:

Need job done within a few weeks

Budget: $2000

Site Visit: Any day
Visit during: Anytime

Schedule: Within A Few Weeks
Budget: $2,000
Posted: 14 February 2019
Status: Closed
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