Maria's Copywriting job

Copywriting - Croydon, VIC

CLY Tax Accountants (Croydon Victoria) is looking for help from a Copywriter to produce 1-2 articles on a monthly basis (300-400 words). We are an Accounting Firm but whilst we have a Financial Planning arm, we are not focusing on that for the purpose of this assignment. Our budget is $100-$200 a month. HM Keywords could you incorporate into the 1 article? We can help provide these. Just a few small paragraphs to get traction through to Facebook-Instagram. Catch-phrases…… Images? I understand that the best practice for keywords in SEO is to have a "hero" keyword/phrase with 2-5% density, and other secondary keywords with about 1-2% average density- and that it’s best to limit this to two additional keywords/phrases. Feel free to respond by Email to [phone/email supplied]
Maria Gatoudis
Mobile:[phone/email supplied] / (03)[phone/email supplied]

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Posted: 12 April 2019
Status: Open for quoting
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