Vinnie's Medical Writing job

Medical Writing - Sydney, NSW

I take minutes for meetings and record these meetings and require someone who has past or current experience in taking minutes to hear the recording and assits to finalise the minutes with me . If you have an understanding of medical terminology it's an added bonus.

I am not seeking transcript services you need to summaries the minutes with me

You must be competent in writing

1. I record the meetings and will provide a link via google drive
2. I type whatever I can and your job is to make it better sound professional ( no transcripts)

I have provided a examples below

Examples : The major trend relates to; transfer of care wards, inter-hospital incidents, receiving appropriate hand over from other health organisation, / providing hand over to other organisation.
There are a couple of detailed reviews currently under away that once finalised need to be signed off by the Executives and reported at CQR Management Committee safety meeting.

A number of nurses on ward identified that the needle free device is difficult to use. / had removed the brand product from all there areas due to the difficulty in use. Theatres use the / product and are the preferred product recommended by the /CPC

Department is aware of the request to change and has advised that the / staff are continuing to order the Tuta product. As it is a barcoded item, the / need to complete an amendment to barcode requisition for the preferred product.

I need to finalise a meeting minutes by tomorrow so can someone help me by completing a minute by this evening?

Duration of the meeting is less than an hour

Thank you for reading me Ad

Specific Job Details:

Schedule: Need job done this week

Budget: $30

Site Visit: No site visit required

Schedule: This Week
Budget: $30
Posted: 04 July 2018
Status: Open for quoting
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