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Top Brisbane Lawnmowing Services

  • FOX Mowing & Gardening

    Fox Mowing & Gardening has a team of highly skilled gardeners who provide pruning, fertilising, hedge trimming, small tree removal, gutter cleaning, spraying, garden clean up, and lawn mowing services.

    59 Reviews
  • Know Way 7 - Asset & Service Solutions

    Know Way 7 - Asset & Service Solutions is a professional gardening and lawn mowing service provider. They also take on other jobs including yard clean ups, fence repairs, and flat pack furniture assembly.

    22 Reviews
  • Premium Garden Care

    Premium Garden Care offers reliable mowing, landscaping, & gardening services for hire to people who want to give their lawn and garden a new look. They cover all areas of garden and lawn care.

    17 Reviews
  • Elite Mowing & Yard Maintenance

    Need someone to take care of your garden? Check out Elite Mowing & Yard Maintenance. They offer top-quality trimming, blowing, edging, and lawn mowing garden services at very reasonable prices.

    23 Reviews
    Collingwood Park,QLD
  • LL&P

    Lovely Lawns & Property Maintenance

    Lovely Lawns & Property Maintenance is the perfect solution for all your lawn mowing needs. Whether you get regular maintenance or a one-off service, they will give you the same high-quality workmanship.

    14 Reviews
  • Andrew Key provides professional lawn mowing and gardening services to help busy people care for their gardens. Reliable, courteous, and friendly, he will take care of your yard like it's his own.

    13 Reviews
  • Grady Simon is one of the trusted lawn mowing contractors in the area. He offers a wide range of services such as rubbish removal, tree removal, garden cleanups, mowing, landscaping, and stump grinding.

    9 Reviews
  • Do you want lawn mowing quotes? Grasscuteers has been providing top-quality gardening services for over three years. They will be happy to provide you with estimates for mowing, edging, hedging, and pruning jobs.

    9 Reviews
  • CLAM

    Compass Lawns and Maintenance

    Compass Lawns and Maintenance is fully committed to delivering excellent and punctual services at competitive prices. They will be happy to provide you with a gardening or a lawn mowing quote.

    7 Reviews
    Fortitude Valley,QLD
  • Mature Trades is a trusted name when it comes to reliable and professional tradies in Brisbane. From lawn mowing to home renovations, you can expect top-quality, reasonably priced service from them.

    22 Reviews

Benefits of Hiring Lawn Mowing Services

A yard, whether at the front or back of your house, is definitely a good addition to any property. Aside from dramatically improving the aesthetic appeal of houses, yards and gardens also create a cosy environment. It can make you feel that you’re really at home, away from the stresses of life at work. If you have children, then having a yard means giving them an outdoor space where they can play, hang out, or simply unwind.

However, no matter how many advantages having a yard has, it will all be put to waste if it’s not properly maintained. We all know how an unkempt yard can ruin the look of any property instantly. So no matter how hard you try to clean and improve the exterior of your home, if you have a lawn that’s in a mess, all your efforts will the thrown out the window. Plus, where would you and your kids play if the grass in your yard is almost knee-high?

But don’t you worry, trimming your lawn can be an easy task if you have the proper equipment. If you don’t and you don’t have the time to do the task as well, just sign up for a lawn mowing service and she’ll be right!

Why hire lawn mowing services

When you enlist the help of lawn mowing experts, you’ll be doing yourself and your yard a favour. There are plenty of reasons to talk to lawn mowing contractors about your job, and here are some of them.

  • Hiring lawn mowing services frees you up to do more important things.
    Mowing is a chore, and chores are things you make time for. If you place your mowing duty in the hands of a business that offers lawn mowing services, then you can spend your precious time doing other things like having quality time with your family, relaxing, doing your hobby, and more.

  • Lawn mowing businesses are skilled and experienced.
    They can do the job significantly faster and more efficient than other people as they’re skilled and experienced. Moreover, many lawn mowing businesses can help you with other tasks in the garden as well. If you’re looking for gardening services for hire too, there are those who can provide you with both lawn mowing and gardening services.

  • They’re always available for the job.
    This means that you won’t have to worry about having an overgrown yard ever again. Lawn mowing contractors accept weekly, fortnightly, and monthly jobs. How frequent the service will be depends on how fast your grass grows.

  • They can take care of your tools and equipment too.
    Mowing contractors check tools and machines before and after they use them to see whether they have defects or not. This regular check up and maintenance will ensure that the various gardening and mowing equipment you have are in tip-top shape and that they will last for a long time.

What to do to ensure that you’ll hire a reliable lawn mowing business

Here are some steps you can take to guarantee that you’ll only be dealing with a trustworthy lawn mowing expert and not just some shonky business that only wants to dupe customers:

  1. Check their qualifications.
    You should ensure that they have a valid ABN and that they’re authorised to help customers with their mowing task. Also, find out how long they’ve been in the business. If they have several years of experience, then they know how to do your job efficiently and solve problems that may arise.

  2. Know the range of lawn mowing prices.
    Before posting your job, it’s best to find out how much jobs like yours cost in your area. By knowing the acceptable price range, you’ll have less chances of getting ripped off by a dodgy business. If someone sends you a quote that is beyond or beneath the range, don’t bother talking to them about the task that you need done.

  3. Read feedback.
    Finding out what customers tell about your prospective businesses can help you a lot when it comes to choosing whom to hire. You’ll be able to get important information about a lawn mowing contractor, their work ethic, and the quality of their services by reading reviews from their past customers, so don’t forget to visit their profile or website.

How much do lawn mowing services cost?

Need lawn mowing services? The average price of hiring a lawn mowing business in Brisbane today is $30 per hour. However, the price can still change depending on some factors like how large your yard is, how long the grass is, and whether you also need the business’s help with some gardening tasks.

When you post your job on, you can receive up to 12 quotes from our lawn mowing contractors. Be sure to review each cost estimate to find out who offers the best deal for your money.

Check out the list of our top lawn mowing experts in Brisbane. Their customers praise their professional services and top-notch work. Here are some of the things they say about them.

"I was very impressed by Jeff's work ethic in tidying up a very rundown yard that i have given him another yard to tidy up and will have some further jobs to do down the track.Prices are more than reasonable." - Mark from Salisbury East, QLD

"Bobbie is a thorough professional. He visited my place for inspection and gave his proposal the same day, got it approved and the job is finished in a week. I am a happy man with a beautiful garden at home :-) Without any hesitation, I recommend anyone to contact Bobbie for any of his garden needs. Good job & keep it up Bobbie!!! Cheers, Manoj" - Manoj from Mansfield, QLD

"Tyson from Fox was incredibly professional and courteous. He understood the (fairly complicated) instructions we gave him, gave us a reasonable quote, and came back on the agreed day do the work. It looks great. I can recommend him for clearing of weeds, chopping back trees and bushes, and clearing overgrown concreted areas, as well as mowing." - Ruth from Annerley, QLD

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