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Range of Drafting Services

New Homes
New homes are our specialty, we design and draft hundreds of new homes each year, any style or size you require. Our experienced staff will sit with you and design your dream home with your needs in mind. We even have an Architectural Designer that can design something that little bit special and what we do at Cyber Drafting is ensure that your house design is not going to break the bank. We are always thinking of ways in which we can construct something cheaper without losing its appeal or structural integrity. We can also organise quotes from local builders if you wish.

Outgrowing your house? Need a deck extension? In laws moving in or just needing more car space? No problems, we will come to you and see what needs to be done then design something that will be sure to please. We have a drafting team that specialise in renovations and they can advise you in any queiries you may have. We can even organise for builders in your area to quote your job.

Energy Rating
In the last few years due to environmental pressures every new home and renovation needs to be energy rated, the ratings vary from state to state but must be achieved to receive final approval for the building works. Some of the basic requirements are insulation in the external walls, ceiling and roof. Window coverings, ceiling fans and floor coverings also play a large part in achieving the required rating. In brief a good rated house will be cool in summer and warm in winter, this is to try to reduce the need for heating and cooling within the home therefore reducing energy output.

Units & Duplex's
Looking for a bigger project, then give us a call, we will work closely with the town planners and relevant councils to ensure your unit or duplex can be constructed. No designs are too hard and we will deal with all external consultants until the job is complete. Constructing a front render is a good idea when submitting a Development Application because the council can then see its design and street appeal and what colours will be used. There is then no guess work required from them and it gets approved much faster.

Commercial Buildings & Renovations
Need drawings or designs for a commercial building, come and see us at Cyber Drafting. We will produce a design that will be the envy of your opposition. We can draw up your own design also and even submit a Development Approval. Our Architect and design team will make the normally long and tedious process as hassle free as possible.

Internal Renders
When people are designing their new home it is sometimes hard to visualize the inside layout, this is where internal renders and walk thru’s can be very beneficial to your design and colour selection. They can even be a good tool when selling your home to enable people who can’t get to view the house to see its benefits.

Shop Fitouts
When opening up a new shop in a shopping centre a shop plan will be required by the centres Architect. We can draw the floor plan to your needs and then construct a shop front render and overhead render to show the Architect what the finished product will be. This speeds up the process ten fold, it takes away any uncertainties the Architect may have in what you are submitting.



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