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CPS is an Australian-owned cleaning company that offers comprehensive cleaning services to a wide range of properties.

Our cleaners are fully committed to delivering efficient, timely, and superior-quality services at very reasonable prices.

Why Hire Us?

• We have fully trained and police-checked cleaners.
• We are armed with a 10m public liability insurance.
• We customise our services to accommodate the needs of each client.
• We offer 24/7 support.

What We Do

• General cleaning
• Window cleaning
• Hygienic washroom service
• Builders final clean
• Cleaning after special events
• Carpet dry cleaning and steam cleaning
• Complete services to window cleaning
• Complete vinyl floor maintenance
• Contract maintenance cleaning
• Graffiti removal
• Flood damage cleaning
• Domestic spring cleaning
. Ironing service

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165 Reviews
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"I am an easygoing person and do not write bad reviews, but this company unreservedly and unequivocally warrants a dismal review. I do not want anyone else to lose their cash or to have to go through the pain of dealing with them. I initially engaged them for a steam clean of carpets in one bedroom, but then, regrettably, added an End of Lease clean for the house, persuaded by the owner, who sold me on the fact they do everything – oven, range hoods, cup boards, windows inside and out etc - and that they have a 100% bond back guarantee and will go back to fix anything. I assure you, this company will ASSUME the first clean will be a complete shambles (especially when they send only one person for a 3 bedroom clean) and once they have your money they then try to hoodwink you into having you believe they are genuinely trying to resolve the error of their ways– it is appalling. Do NOT give them your money! Firstly, as I mentioned, they send one - only one - inexperienced cleaner for a 3-bedroom house. Apparently, you need to request if you want two cleaners, how they do not automatically send out at least two cleaners for a three bedroom End of Lease Clean is beyond me! When I guided her around the place (which was not even in that bad of a condition since we had already done some cleaning) she estimated it would take her 3.5 hours. 5.5 hours later, she finally maintains she has finished her work and gives me a very speedy tour making sure I do not notice everything she has not done. When I check properly after she leaves (silly me for trusting her) the essentials of an End of Lease clean are no way near satisfactory. By this time, I had already paid my $350. I confirmed at the beginning that she would do windows and she replied of course (My invoice says windows inside and out). When I checked after she left, windows had barely been touched on the inside and definitely not on the outside; there were two at the front of the house that were very dirty which I had to clean myself (I wish I took photos). I asked her to please remove cobwebs from the clothesline and she replied that this was not a problem. When I checked after she left this was left undone and I had to clean them myself. This would have taken her 30 seconds to do. I also removed cobwebs from inside the house. She opened the oven at the end of the clean and maintained that it was finished. When I checked properly after she left, it was filthy. (I only took a few photos see attached – and this was after I cleaned the oven door a little myself in frustration) I also asked her to remove visible marks from the walls of one of the rooms, which she said she would do. Again, I noticed that she did not do this after she left. The steam clean of the carpet looked awful. Naturally, the real estate were very displeased and I had to get them back. I explicitly asked them NOT to send me the same cleaner, which they agreed too. Another person then calls me to say that they want to send same cleaner so she can learn from her mistakes but there will be a supervisor who will guide her. I agree on the provision that her supervisor will accompany her but lo and behold the person that accompanies the initial cleaner is NOT a supervisor, but in actual fact is a worse cleaner than the one I initially had. To put it simply they TOTALLY LIED TO ME! The initial cleaner literally gave her pretend “supervisor” orders for the 50 minutes that they were there. I spent my time having to ask them to redo things as they were trying to get away with bare minimum. I had to show them how to remove marks from the walls and oven etc!!! I had to ask for a CHUX when they left to continue to clean! The real estate were shocked this was a professional company and said it was the worst she had seen. Doubt I will get full bond back. Anyway, please learn from my mistake, go ELSEWERE and read the other negative reviews – this company is a pain you do not need in your life and added an incredible amount of stress. A Truly Terrible Service!"
from Flemington, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 19 November 2020

"Great service and fantastic job, recommended!"
from Cheltenham, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 15 October 2020

from Clyde North, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 12 July 2020

from Deer Park, VIC posted a job for Carpet Cleaning on 30 July 2020

"We were happy with the communication and the job. Can recommend."
from Sydenham, VIC posted a job for Housekeeper on 13 October 2019

from Clayton, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 22 January 2020

from Hillside, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 3 May 2019

"Thank you so much, did a great job! Great vacuum, dusting. Cleaning inside doors and windows. My bathroom and kitchen was left sparkling! Floors nicely mopped too! Will definitely contact you again! Thank you !"
from Glen Waverley, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 24 June 2019

"Could improve communication, clarity when quoting a price, professionalism"
from Laverton North, VIC posted a job for Cleaners on 29 May 2019

"Could improve quality of workmanship"
from Taylors Lakes, VIC posted a job for Housekeeper on 28 May 2019

from Box Hill North, VIC posted a job for Housekeeper on 18 March 2019

"Could improve timeliness, communication, professionalism"
from Caroline Springs, VIC posted a job for Housekeeper on 24 August 2018



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