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Wedding Photographer and portrait photographer in Sydney. Based in Northern Beaches. Love to shoot anywhere.

With over 15 years experience and close to 100 weddings under the belt, my aim is capture your day unobtrusively. Most brides and grooms dont like the camera lens pointed directly at them the whole day, it just doesn't feel comfortable.

Couple that with the "wedding wall", where i bring studio lighting to your reception and set up a studio like setup where your guests can control the photos by hitting the self timer button releasing professional images of themselves having a great time, and you have got every image captured that could want... even the ones you didn't see happen on the day! Guests, Brides and Grooms love this!!! Its new and really gets some cracking shots that would of never happened otherwise.

I capture your wedding day like a story, and then tell it through the images.

Service Seeking members get a discount on my wedding rates so dont be afraid to ask.

You can rest assured that your day will be captured professionally and your images delivered within three weeks ( after editing and making sure every photo looks its absolute best.)

Benny Gross



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