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AUB DESIGN pursues relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners.


We rather enjoy thinking.

That's why AUB DESIGN offers strategic services across a range of verticals, from digital product development to communication to social media.

We tend to approach strategy a bit differently, preferring hands-on workshops and simplified models to hundred-slide presentations. The rules of the game can change pretty quickly these days, and we like to be able to adapt quickly.


Being smart is all well and good, but everybody likes a healthy dash of sexy too.

Banner, poster or custom data dashboard, we've got a wealth of experience in carefully crafting eye candy across all media, for all requirements.


Our bread and butter. And jam. And a small biscuit on the side.

Teamgeek was founded on our tech ability. We've done pretty much every type of development you can think of, and never tire of getting a new digital problem to solve.

Armed with our trusty friends Python, Node.js, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, we're quietly confident we have the tools to help you with anything you can throw at us.


Building an audience on social is easy – you can buy one. Building a community, however, takes a lot more time and effort.

There are no one-size-fits all solutions when it comes to social media at Teamgeek. We take a look at your brand, your business objectives and your audience, and develop a tailored approach to suit your specific needs.


When it really comes down to it, people use the Internet for cool stuff. Sometimes it profoundly enhances their everyday life, sometimes it's an adorable photo of a wombat.

The point is, people want value, else they're unlikely to be very interested in what you have to offer them. We pride ourselves on providing clients with content that users want to consume, and effectively leveraging it to get results.


Not sure how to solve a business problem? Looking for somebody with a fresh set of eyes and a tendency to look at the world a little differently? We're your guys (and girls).

Plenty of creative and technological know-how – and a healthy disregard for convention – means that we can lend a helping hand should you need to shake things up a bit.

The most respected Internet marketing agency. We want to change the way businesses speak, listen and share online.

In addition, AUB Production is an official partner of AUB Design. Here's an overview:

As part of AUB DESIGN, ABN 83 604 052 762, and an award-winning photography and video production studio in Sydney, our devoted Professional Sydney Photographers and video producers are experienced and utilise state of the art equipment to capture priceless and impressionable photos and videos.

We have an extensive background in photography & film making industry. We understand each service is a once-in-lifetime event, and believe every single important moment is priceless. With the exclusive team of top photographers and videographers, we strive to capture every moment in an unobtrusive way.

Being one of the best production teams in Sydney, AUB Production team had ten years experience in the industry, so you know you are in hands that you can trust.
As the trusted studio of professional photography and video recognized by major venues, AUB Production is proud to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction through their premium services and top quality service. Your actual experience throughout the whole event is an important consideration when finding the top video makers for your own special day. We make the post-production process so much easier. If you are seeking the best service in Sydney, then AUB Production is looking forward to hearing from you.

AUB Production is committed to providing top quality web videos to help you increase your business, improve your online presence and allow you to connect with your clients in a more effective way.

✓ We are truly passionate about web video and enriching your company’s online presence
✓ We offer professional, affordable, fast and creative solutions to suit your individual needs.
✓ We understand what it’s like to be in front of the camera and can really help you to convey your unique story in a relaxed way
✓ We are constantly engaging in video marketing techniques to help you get the most out of your video
✓ We love what we do!

Some of our services: Weddings Videos, Corporate Videos, Online Videos, Animation, Ads, Branded Contents, Events, Products Demos and much more !

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