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"At times, it can almost seem as though if you’re not careful, if you blink you can miss the most important events that shape our short lives. Photographs enable us to re-visit weddings, birthdays and graduations, long after the memories have faded. This presents a constant challenge for Photographers, who have to make split second decisions as to what to capture and how to do it.

Falguni (Flower) Jogiya was born in England and moved to Australia in 1988. Majoring in Photography, she completed a B.A in Fine Arts at Charles Sturt University, and then at the College of Fine Arts. She has had many opportunities to further her photographic skills, working with companies that specialise in portrait photography, to labs that print photos. As a result she has experience in all aspects of image making, from concept right through to printing.

Memories are precious.

Memories may fade, but photographs can last forever."

(Written by a freelance writer friend of Flower's)

At a reasonable price, I would love to assist you with capturing your precious memories so that you can always remember that moment for how it felt & revisit that moment in time with your photographs.

I specialise in people photography as I love capturing emotion, however I also seem to have a fascination with food & product photography.

Please email me with whatever it may be & I could let you know.

Website: (My website is in the process of being revamped, so it doesn’t have any of my latest work on there yet; however please feel free to check out my facebook page, this has some of my more recent work)

FACEBOOK page:!/pages/FJ-Photography/133282600015532?ref=ts

Please send through an email for a quote.



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