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Financial Utilities is a specialist accounting firm that offers fixed-fees which include unlimited accounting / business support and advice as part of its fee.

Our fixed-fee plans include everything a business would require in order to remain compliant from transactional input into accounting software, all reconciliations, payroll, BAS and tax return preparation and submission.

Financial Utilities are experienced, Financial Utilities are DIFFERENT but we are affordable and we are hoping to change the way that accountants provide services. Don't leave your books till after the end of the financial year because its too late to do any tax planning - sign up with Financial Utilities and we will look after your books on a regular basis and provide you with advice along the way so that your business can succeed! This is the Financial Utilities guarantee.

Simona Hughes founded Financial Utilities after leaving the corporate world to have a young family and has continued the business having since identified a gap in services that accountants offer and deliver. Simona is a Chartered Accountant with over 16 years experience having worked for some of the largest, most successful and complex businesses in the world. Simona has worked in multiple countries throughout Europe in addition to Australia and has been exposed to a wide range of systems, practices, cultures, regulations and legal systems. Simona brings that wealth of knowledge to the Perth business market and continuously exceeds expectations.

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