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"We had the pleasure of being introduced to Paul Donovan a few years ago.We had been trying to find a builder who would assist us with a good investment property and not being residents of the Queensland, we weren’t sure of which was the best place to build. We did not fly to Queensland until it was time to receive our house keys. Our correspondence was by phone and emails throughout the entire building process. We had tenants ready to move into our home even before it was finished and when we flew up to see the house and the area that Paul had recommended to us, we were so happy and excited, we have since build another 2 homes with him. Thank you Paul for building us beautiful homes"
External Feedback from Irene and Manuel Soffice

"We are locals living in Queensland and were keen to start investing in property. Not ever having done this before, we were introduced to Paul Donovan and his team who made the whole exercise a pleasure.They worked with us to explain the process, nothing was ever too difficult or a problem. Our house was built within the nominated building time and we had tenants ready to move in as soon as the house was finished our rent giving us a positive return. We were so pleased with the quality finishes and literally ‘blown away’ by the amazing service. We have gone on to recommend Paul to many of our friends and are now looking to build our next home with him."
External Feedback from Con and Laura Velonias