Jarryd Bravo
Hastings, VIC
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Jarryd Bravo


Born and raised on the Mornington Peninsula and passionate about all things creative.
It was when I was in year 10 (16 years old) that I discovered the passion for Photography
and Graphic Design. The more I dove into the creative arts world, the more fascinated I became. School came to a close in 2007 and ever since I have taught myself everything I know today about the art of photography. I completed an advance diploma in graphic design during 2013 which led me to a position as a graphic designer and photographer for a local lifestyle magazine and for the ABC.

With a huge passion for travel I hope to explore every corner of the globe and capture the remarkable people and landscapes that will stand before me.
The aim of my photography is to inspire people to get out and explore the beautiful would we live in. I hope to place the viewer into the environment I capture. I want to take them on a journey with me, whether they have been there or not, I wish to create a memory, a feeling, or just an idea... to explore, to feel, to live.



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