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At Chrysalis, we work with organisations to develop strategies that are designed to empower the next digital communications and platform initiative.

As a digital transformation company, we support businesses in enhancing both their operations and customer experiences to encourage growth and development within the digital realm. We guide organisations in understanding relevant trends and benchmark their digital capabilities against best practices and competitors. Our consultants at Chrysalis are true hands-on strategists who delve into data, analyse objectives and reveal all opportunities.

From web design to branding – and everything in between, if you have an idea or project that you would like to discuss, please contact us. We would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact our lead designer at info@chrysaliss.com or on 9863 8139

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"We were after a partner that could translate the impact of today's digital trends on our business, whilst guiding us on how to transform our legacy applications to cope with the latest digital needs. The team at Chrysalis were able to engage on both the strategic level as well as lead large-scale transformation and optimisation initiatives. They were able to rapidly build working prototypes, which allowed us to better align our organisation around our roadmap."
External Feedback from Managing Director - Private Equity Firm

"After analysing several digital partners, we chose to work with Chrysalis for one main reason. They clearly understood the meaning of digital transformations and how those strategies aligned with our company goals. You don't have to tell them what needs to be done, they simply got going and got things done on time! "
External Feedback from Chief Digital Officer - Telecom Industry

"In integrating our digital customer experience, Chrysalis assisted our company in defining an enterprise-wide digital strategy and creating a multi-year roadmap. With their help, we have not only been successful in our goals, we have also been acknowledged for customer experience in our industry. "
External Feedback from Marketing Director-Utility Industry

"Chrysalis assisted us in transforming our legacy applications to a new and modern customer centric platform. Throughout their engagement, they did a masterful job. We have worked with many vendors in the industry however the Chrysalis team performed far beyond our expectations. A job well done! "
External Feedback from CMO - Fortune 500 Company

"The Chrysalis consultants did a great job in analysing and transitioning our process model into the new SAP platform, whilst also upgrading our compensation system. A fantastic and seamless integration, thank you! "
External Feedback from Project Manager - Federal Government Department

"We engaged with Chrysalis to transform our account opening process, of which has a major impact on the quality of our customer's experience. They implemented a solution that not only increased our data accuracy, it also significantly reduced the error rate in new account documentation from double digits, to a range between 0.5% - 2%."
External Feedback from Chief Executive Officer - Wealth Management Company

"By utilising the robotic process automation, the Chrysalis team helped us decrease the cycle time of our operations from 20 minutes per customer, down to just 2 minutes. This allowed our company to save on operational costs by the equivalent of 4 full-time staff members."
External Feedback from CEO - Energy Distribution Company