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I'm originally from China, have been living in the city of light -Paris for almost 10 years. When I arrived, photographs were rather made to share the beautiful things with my closed ones who are ten thousand miles away. It soon became one of my passion, especially when traveling, there is no way I would travel without my camera.

As time went by, I realized that taking photographs of architectures or landscapes, couldn't satisfy me anymore. I wanted to see more of life through my lenses, where emotions are expressed.

I work as consultant in the field of tourism, so when I'm available, it happens that I show tourists around the city I live. Once after taken some photos of a couple as a favor during their tour, they were so pleased, and exclaimed how wonderful to have a guide who know taking photos.

It's true that we saw very often that tourists come to take their pre-marriage shooting in Paris, but seldom take importance of those travel moments, which worthy to have some decent photos as well. More importantly, we don't pose for that, we seize the moment naturally.

From then on, I started a complete photography course at NYIP in order to reach a professional level. And I feel much more fulfilled that taking photos is not just a self-satisfying activity, but a way to satisfy others. ;)



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External Feedback from Stephanie Do

"Thank you so much charline for the photoshoot of my shoes They're beautiful!"
External Feedback from Lucie Diep

"Charline is a very talented photographer. She offered photographing services for one of my clients in Paris when they were coming to visit the city and they loved it! Book a private chauffeur in Paris on Edelsway."
External Feedback from Niklas Edelstam

"My wife and I had an extremely positive experience with Charline. She was delightful to work with, very organised and created memorable photographs that will give us joy forever. We highly recommend her services. Top professional!"
External Feedback from Frank