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We, at the age of 16, started painting Korean traditional furniture called Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi ( lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl) in 1978.

Finishing touch on Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi requires a delicate treatment to an extent that we close the door, take off the shirts and sprinkle water on the ground to prevent any dust during the process.

The experience with Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi had helped me with painting when I first started in Sydney in 1998 and the delicacy that I was used to was also applied to the painting services, which were recognized as the top qualities.

Based on ample experience in Australia over several years, Kana Paintings whose name is taken from my lovely wife, Kana, was established in 2003 and with the Paint Contractor License obtained in 2004, our business had got down to the painting services in full swing.

Detailed eyes shown throughout Na-Jeon-Chil-Gi painting also check every stage of the process to make sure work is perfectly done.

We are devoted to what we are doing as if we work on our own home.

We pride ourselves in enabling the house as new as the new born baby no matter how terrible it is. We have built up trustworthiness among customers through our sincere approach to work and it has grown stronger through the mouth-to-mouth.

Painting is our lifetime calling and we regard customers as king. We exist when our clients are happy with our services.



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