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I’m Cris. I started my business Spaces + Senses just over 2 years ago. I’m a home organiser and interior designer in Sydney (Northern Beaches).

I have a lot of experience in family homes and a bit of experience designing homes for sale and treatments rooms.

I aim to connect people with their homes, to create wellbeing. So people will be nurtured physically and emotionally, bringing a balanced lifestyle.

I focus on the following aspects when I working with my clients:
1. Functional: home needs to cover our needs.
2. Practical: home needs to be an easy job.
3. Sustainable: home needs to acknowledge its impact.
4. Visual: home needs to provide us beauty.
5. Perfect fit: our home is for ourselves
6. Emotional: our home is our sanctuary.
7. Environment: nature contributes to our wellbeing.

More specifically I work on:
1. Organising all categories existent in a home
2. Flow of the space - moving things around so the space feels better
3. Create functionality to each corner of a room
4. Researching for items on the most natural/ sustainable resources and on the budget.
5. I also rely on a lot of reusing/ relove, rediscovering, recycling, and selling.
6. I help to create a better routine that works for the family

My first visit is free. Then we make a plan. I work in hour packages.
Minimum of 5 hours = $350
Hour rate - $80/hour

Please follow me on Instagram and you will have lots of tips!

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