Ausegy Constructions & Development Pty Ltd
Ryde, NSW
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Ausegy Constructions & Development Pty Ltd


IF WE ARE NOT BUILDING THEM; WE ARE ENHANCING THEM - this is what our company believes in.

We specialise and have extensive experience in the following:
- Structural/Civil Engineering designs
- Architectural designs
- Council approvals
- General home and structural inspections
- Private certifications
- Renovations and Extensions
- Construction of new building (ranging from small developments to multi-million dollar developments)

We have over 15 years experience in Australia and over 20 years internationally.

We understand our client's needs and we try our very best to implement that on the drawings and finally building it, we also do not have a fixed price as some other companies do, so relax as we do understand that each client is different with indvidual needs.



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Concrete Restoration
Security Films
Decorative Vinyl Films
Frameless Glass Strair Cases
Frameless Glass Balconies
Frameless Glass Balustrading
Frameless Glass Fencing