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Port Melbourne, VIC
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Stone Fitness


Stone Fitness is a group of health professionals, passionate about optimal health for everyone. We are in the business of training you so that you can train others in being successful with the things that matter most in their life, starting with optimal health. There are many things we can go do with out in life; health is not one of them. Whatever works to empower you to have a fantastic life starting with optimal health, we will be your champion and advocate. In the Stone Fitness arsenal, some of the ways we have to empower you are

Health Promotion Programs (Development and Maintenance)
Group Fitness Training
Speaking engagements and Workshops
Nutritional Programs
One on One Personal Training
and many others. What can make a difference is the intent of how these modules are used. Consider it. Contact us today to schedule a confidential and candid conversation about what would inspire you to be living powerfully today from a health and wellness foundation.



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