Baker Boys Band

Eltham, VIC


The “Baker Boys Band” is the wedding band that is not a “Wedding Band”.

With fortnightly showcase performances and a free demo CD you can see and hear them live before booking them, and pick and choose the size and configuration of your dream band.

These full-time professional young musicians focus squarely on getting your night up and jumping, but without the cheese. Best of all, they are self-managed, so they are much less expensive than other bands in this quality bracket – you are not paying any agents of middle-men! Pricing from $1500 - $5000, depending on band size.




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"The Baker Boys were SO fantastic! We were honestly up on the dance floor for every minute that they were up there. We had comments from dozens of our guests about how great they thought the band were too. They were incredibly helpful in the planning of the night too, especially with timings and music styles and things we just generally didn't know having not ever planned a wedding before... Can't thank you guys enough - you were better than we could even have imagined!"
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