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Conder, ACT
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Conder Home Service


Hello Im Jess From C.H.S
we are a Home Service business in Canberra some of owe most popular Service are
Home Cleaning, General Home Gardening, Household waste, Dog walking, House sitting
We supply all equipment and agents.
You need to supply nothing.
for a Prompt , Honest AND Reliable Service
Feel free to call or email

Conder Home Service
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High Pressure Cleaning
Abseiling Window Cleaning
Grease Trap Cleaning
Grey Water Systems
Water Feature Installation
Carpet stain removal
Bathroom cleaning
Kitchen cleaning
Room cleaning
Vacuum carpet
Unit and apartment cleaning
Routine cleaning
Oven cleaning
Fridge clean
Garage clean
Toilet cleaning
Stove clean
Tidying and Decluttering
Shower cleaning
Tree stump removal
Lawn restoration and repair
Garden maintenance
Garden irrigation systems
Change sheets and linen
Vertical gardens
Household waste and rubbish
Exterior window cleaning
Commercial window cleaning
Post construction window cleaning
High rise office window cleaning
Gutter cleaning services
Elevated lift platform access cleaning
Unit and apartment window cleaning
Medical Cleaning
End of Lease Commercial Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning
Hedge Trimming and Cutting
Commercial Refrigeration