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Firstly, thank you very much for considering myself and my services to you. Choosing a photographer is not as easy as one imagines, there is so much to consider and in some ways its almost like a marriage. You need a photographer you can talk to, understand, one who listens to your needs and someone you can relate to and trust to cover the event you propose.

There are so much good photography talent out there, many right here at service seeking and that alone makes it a daunting task on who to decide on, so how do you approach this?

Well, ask yourself, what am I looking for, what am i hoping to achieve, what is that i really want and what do i need to do to get these.

Like i said there are so many great photographers out there and you owe it to yourself to spend some time with a shortlist of them to get to know them and their work, have a look at the work they offer, inspect the website and their portfolio and most importantly have a look at all the photos from a days coverage and not the handful of winners that make it to the front page of the website. I have client proofing sections for just that purpose.

It is my belief that equipment is important but not that important, after all capturing and recording a moment that invokes a memory is what it is all about. It is the eye and creativity of the photographer you seek.

Now, I do you use quality Canon equipment but that is not what i am advertising.

Go ahead and feel free to ask any questions, lets make time to meet and have a chat the old fashioned way, i get to meet you and listen to what you need. You get to meet me and see how the days are recorded, how your memories are captured for review time and time again. Their is no obligation in any of this and the result is that you can make a well informed decision and decide if our personalities will work for you an the day.

Go ahead and make that call, inspect the website, email or call me after all that is what I am here for and in return i hope to make your special day truly special.

I am based in the Parramatta area and love the action of live event shooting. Weddings, birthday parties, christenings and any special function for that matter.

When in a controlled environment i am able to set up the shot based on your requirements in order to give you the photo you imagined, whether a portrait or product shot, the end result needs to be your vision with my creativity.

Always happy to discuss your requirements with absolutely no obligation.

I am also skilled with photoshop to ensure that any unwanted additions are removed as well as adding a little bit more to spice up the image.

Customer satisfaction is my goal so i hope to hear from you soon.





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