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Pellicaan Online is an innovative web solutions business based in Brisbane, Australia. Our services include web design & development, search engine optimisation (SEO), domain names, website hosting, graphics & video editing. We help small to midsized businesses from all around Australia with their internet marketing and multimedia needs.

We are not only dedicated to directing traffic to your website, we are dedicated to building a innovative & user friendly website that will sell your products and services. We are the best in our industry because we listen. We attempt to understand our clients' objectives and needs, and we collaborate to find solutions that meet or exceed them.

Why Market Online?

Why should you have a website? Because your customers expected it! More than 80% of the Australian population is online and now more than ever customers are researching businesses online before using their products and services. Therefore having a website is essential for business in the 21st century. Having a website allows customers easy access to your business information 24 hours a day 7 days a week, increasing your chances of selling. The fact is in this day and age if your business does not have a website you’re losing sales to businesses that do.

“Internet users report that online resources not only allow them to quickly and easily compare options, but also to seek out expert and peer advice that enables them to act with greater confidence. Search engines are critical to the online decision-making process and often act as the launching point for consumer targets.” (Digital Influence Index, Fleishman Hillard and Harris Interactive, June 2010)

Having a website will not only generate new business, it will generate repeat business. Using methods such as online newsletters and blogs that include valuable and relevant information, special offers and new products and services is an effective way to update and interact with your clients. If you don’t call or write you will be forgotten.

The days of outbound marketing are coming to an end. Having a website is a more cost effective, easier and quicker means of keeping your customers updated than traditional methods such as print material. A website is also a great way to improve customer service and decrease man hours via methods such as contact and feedback forms, frequently asked questions and Google maps.

Your website is an important part of your business as it communicates your professional image. Having a well designed website is vital to your online success as it will increase customer confidence and your businesses credibility in the marketplace. Having a poorly designed website can drive potential customers away. It is important to remember your website can be a deciding factor for a customer when purchasing.

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