sally goodall P H O T O G R A P H E R

Melbourne, VIC



I am Sally…+ this is what I do…..

I LOVE snapping photos, getting creative, making new friends + sharing their excitement!

I love it when my images take you back to when you can actually smell the freshly cut grass + hear the birds in the trees.

I love every characteristic of LOVE….how it makes us feel + the crazy things it makes us do.

I paint…..and I love it.

In my world I live by 2 rules, create + pay it forward.

I'm a visual person, I notice details.....big, small, I'll get them.

My kind of people are laid back.

My kind of people think outside the box!

I believe smiling is contagious.

I love capturing real life, your life + putting it on walls!

I draw inspiration from almost everything I see + my friends + my family.

I LOVE travelling to new + exotic locations.

I'm in my element when sifting through antique markets + my fav places are New York, Maui, Queenstown + my family home on the farm.

I’m a sucker for romantic comedies + no movie is the same without popcorn, a choc top, a large coke + peanut m&ms!

I love waking up to my hubby, my cat who is a Possum, a freshly brewed coffee, music + my Inside Out mags!

I know what I like and what I don't, but I’m not bossy.

Now………let's get right back to where it started from……

My nana is a painter, she set me up on a stool with the paints + easel in her garage + found the artist in me when my feet still couldn't touch the ground.

I grew up with a fascination with all that was photography. My parents didn’t own a camera + there were very few photographs floating around. I remember visiting my nana’s friends, seeing their framed photographs sitting on the mantle + thinking that the olden days existed in only black and white. I was intrigued...

I was given a camera on my 10th birthday, a wee point and shoot Vivitar. It was rubbish really, but it got something started inside of me! By 17 my favourite place to be was in the darkroom at high school, in a very small run down old toilet block attached to the science lab.

I am now approaching the BIG 30…… + not much has changed since then…….my dark room is now my light room + still remains one of my most favourite places to be.

Life has never been better! X




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"3 years now from my wedding and istill look at my pictures and loveit :) Ihad my daughter and I wished to have her newborn pic with you Sally but we were overseas Thx for the lovely work you did especially when iwas soo stress and you made the photo just looked amazing and made me laugh soooo much "
from Hillside, VIC posted a job for Wedding Photography on 4 May 2014
"Sally is very friendly and professional. Great with the kids, even my 9 month old! Not intrusive, very relaxed. I would definately recommend her to others. Especially for kids and families. "
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