McCullum Ashby Architects
Wahroonga, NSW
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McCullum Ashby Architects


McCullum Ashby Architects is an architectural studio located on the Upper North Shore of Sydney.

We provide a range of architectural and client side based project management services including conceptual design, architectural documentation, project management of regulatory submissions and project tendering as well as contractual administration during the building process.

McCullum Ashby finds beauty in quiet, understated forms with exposed and expressive structure and carefully resolved and crafted details. Our designs celebrate light filled open spaces with a strong connection to the outdoors, incorporating sustainable technologies and minimising environmental impacts. Our design philosophy is realised through a collaborative approach of the design team, client and other consultancies to ensure a successful outcome for each and every project.



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Commercial Architecture
Project Management
Architecture For Extensions
Heritage Architecture
Building project management
Architect plans and documentation
Development approvals and council documentation
New home designs and sketches
Building Designer
Building designs
Residential surveying
Boundary surveys
Mining surveys
Contour Plans & Detail Surveys
Subdivision & Redefinition Plans
Identification Surveys
Easement Plans
GIS Data Surveys
Building Surveys
Strata Surveys & Community Plans
Rural Surveys
Volume Surveys