Lulk Lin Building
Strathfield, NSW
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Lulk Lin Building


Lulk Lin Building is an independently owned & operated business in Sydney.
We have got more than 10 years professional tilting experiences in Sydney.
Our services include:
Wall tiling and floor titling in internal rooms, such as in dining room, kitchen, bathroom and so on; and also in external places.
First of all, we greatly appreciated to the clients who always gave us trust and dealt with us. We always try our best to ensure the quality of our job, and make every client feel happy and satisfied.
Looking forward to your mobile call 0425 232 455 (English & Mandarin) or phone call (02) 97475886



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Ceramic Tiling
Granite Tiling
Marble Tiling
Mosaic Tiling
Stone Tiling
Tile Sealing
Swimming pool tiling
Waterline tiles
External tiling
Concrete Restoration
Spray On Paving
Recolour Pavers
Resin Bound Stones
Permeable Paving
Recolour Concrete
Concrete Fencing
Concrete Resurfacing
Resealing Concrete
Driveway Restoration