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Minto, NSW
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Quality Rural Building Solutions t/as Fixed Price Granny Flats Sydney.com.au


We are a small professional company that specialises in:

* Construction of 1 & 2 Bedroom Granny Flats
* Drafting and Approval Services
* Preparation and lodgement of D.A. to Council or Private Certifier
* New home building
* Renovations
* Additions
* Residential & Commercial project management + construction

We also offer a complete design, planning and building system and we offer our clients a 100% FIXED PRICE quotation / tender prior to any Contracts being exchanged.

We obtain ALL relevant site information and our FIXED PRICE Contract(s) include all variations, site costs, connecting to mains services, excavation and piering. These are usually additional, unconfirmed extra costs in most NSW Building contracts. Much the same as handing your Builder a blank signed cheque!

Please visit: www.GrannyFlatApprovalsSydney.com.au

We have many commercial and residential clients in the Sydney / Wollongong / Southern Highlands region who we are proud to offer as references for you to discuss our services or inspect our building projects with prior arrangement.

We are unlike any other building company..

There is a lot to consider once you have decided to build a Granny Flat!
These are just a few of the questions that you will want answered before you commit, right?

When you build a Granny Flat, the following reports and documentation MUST be obtained before you commence construction of your Granny Flat. They are also required for approval.

* Contour and Site Survey
* Geological Soil Test
* Plans and elevations drawn by a draftsman
* Slab or Floor Engineering
* Lodgement to Council or Private Certifier
* Storm water Hydraulic Engineering
* Waste Management Report
* Statement of Environmental Effects
* Sewerage Diagram
* Sydney Water Certificate
* Council or Private Certifier Inspections – approx. 3 – 4
* Final Occupation Certificate

The cost of obtaining these reports could be in excess of $10,000. You will require the services of a Surveyor, Draftsperson, Hydraulic Engineer, Structural Engineer, Private Certifier or Council Inspector and relevant documentation....... and that’s before you build!

At Fixed Price Granny Flats Sydney we include all these reports and services for a fee of $4950. We then provide a FIXED PRICE quotation to supply and build your Granny Flat from start to finish. If you choose not to proceed after this, that is fine. We then release the site reports to you, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are in what we do.
Over the past 20 years I have developed a Fixed Price Building System that I have used to deliver fantastic Granny Flats in and around Sydney on time and on budget.

I follow a unique system which is unmatched in the Granny Flat building industry today. This system delivers a FIXED PRICE to approve, supply, build and complete your Granny Flat without paying ANY extra’s or variations.

When we say FIXED PRICE, that’s exactly what we mean. When you sign a Contract with us we include:

* Connection to Water Mains
* Connection to Electrical Mains
* Upgrade of Existing Metre Box (if required)
* Engineering for site and foundations
* Lodgement to Council / Private Certifier
* Excavation
* Piering (if required)
* Rubbish Removal

If you are in the market for a Granny Flat, DO NOT buy just on price. Ask exactly what items are included in their quotation or Contract. If they say yes, ask for it in writing. If you see clauses like ‘plus site costs’, or ‘does not include excavation or piering’, or ‘subject to site inspection’ or ‘does not include connection to mains services’ it can be like handing over a blank cheque by the time you have completed...... Not to mention the complication if you have borrowed money for your project without allowing for these additional costs.

With our FIXED PRICE Contract we also include our outrageous ‘100% Fixed Price Out Of The Ground Guarantee’. We guarantee that if your site foundation costs exceed what we quote due to unforeseen rock or other soil conditions, we will re-engineer your floor system at our cost if required.

This Guarantee totally removes the risk of potentially costly excavation works, from you to us. If we get our information wrong and do not inform you of rock or other unstable soil conditions, we will pay to rectify the issue so your contract with us is always FIXED!
I look forward to assisting you in choosing the correct options for your Granny Flat building project.

Please do not hesitate contacting me directly on (m) 0408-448-566 if you need to discuss anything further regarding your proposed Granny Flat(s).

Warm regards,

Greg Messer
Managing Director
(m) 0408-448-566



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