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Collinson Fencing Pty Ltd is a fencing company based near Brisbane, Australia and specialises in both residential and security fencing. Whether you need to renew your garden boundary fencing or improve security fencing at your industrial or commercial property we can help.

We can handle your fencing needs big or small. A small garden fence renewing an old timber fence with new steel fence or timber fencing is just as important to us as a new Security Palisade Fence around a new industrial property.


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" Mike and his team were great! so flexible working in with my other tradies and amending the fence requirements as the job went on. The fence looks great - we are very happy with the outcome :)"
from Hope Island, QLD posted a job for Fencers on 9 August 2016
"We hired collinsfencing to do our fence. We fixed an appointment for the quote, and the collinsfencing manager does not turn up. No call to let me know that he was not able to turn up. Later, when I called him, he said, "oh I forgot, do you know how many people I talk to each day, other people have stood me up too" etc etc. We then fixed an appointment for Monday to do the job, the manager said ok and did not turn up. He said "I did not get a confirmation email from you, so I did not know what to do." I said, you did not say that on top of the booking that I had to send a conformation email, in that how was I to know whether it was a confirmation text, confirmation email or all of the above he was expecting? I never had this issue with any other contractors we hired. Besides, I even asked for his bank details over the phone so I could pay the deposit for the job. I had taken the day off waiting for him. The quote was not what we wanted, collinsfencing manager went off and wrote his recommendations, instead of our requirements. He failed to listen properly. When I called him about the mis-quote, I realised he did not even know the height of my other existing fence. I had to measure the fence on my own and let him know. This demonstrates lack of attention to basic fencing detail that is required of a professional fencer. However, we realised that the person is only a manager who sources contracts. The fence panels did not align properly. However, to the fencing sub-contractor's credit, they came back the next day and fixed the mis-aligned fence panels. The colour was an eyesore, it looked different from all the other fences that we had. We had another part of the fence installed at another time by another fencing contactor, we never had this problem. The contactor supplied correctly without our input. So I mistakenly expected the same level of professional service from collinsfenceing. In the end, collinsfencing manager said that we had to specify the exact manufacturer to him. However, customers are not fencing professionals, we cannot know all the manufacturers there are and the products that they supply in detail. It appears that when you hire Collinsfencing you are expected to know the fencing industry in detail. Highly unprofessional and unethical. When you deal with Collinsfencing, there is no guarantee that your requests will be heard and appointments honoured. You have to have every request in writing/even better in a recorded conversation, and if you don't know the various manufacturers/suppliers in the industry and you don't know the exact brand/supplier of your existing fence, then bad luck, they will just supply their one standard favourite supplier, regardless of if it matches or not. Highly unprofessional. Too unreliable, too many "you said, I never said" , not honouring appointments. Must admit, got swayed by the initial marketing speak and sales pitch. Will never hire them again. Will never recommend them - by a mile."
from Arundel, QLD posted a job for Fencing on 4 April 2016



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