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Smithfield, NSW
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Proma Air Conditioners


TRADING AS ALENDA PTY LTD - PROMA Air Conditioners are amongst the most recognized leaders for technology in air conditioners throughout Australia. Our aim is to discover the best solutions in bringing comfort and reliability to all Australians.

PROMA has established a strong foundation with the largest manufacturer’s in air conditioners overseas. PROMA is renowned to be one of the most trusted names for air conditioners in households Australia wide. With High Quality a standard, two of our air conditioning systems have received the Top Energy Rating Award, an award system strictly controlled by the government to establish the most efficient star-rated products on the market.

In the 10 years of operation PROMA has invested time and uncountable resources, pouring millions of dollars in research and development to produce the best air conditioning products that are efficient, whisper quiet, user friendly, reliable and most of all environmentally friendly.

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