Sail Plastering And Painting Pty Ltd
Cairnlea, VIC
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Sail Plastering And Painting Pty Ltd


Company Profile

Business Trading Name: Sail Plastering and Painting Pty Ltd
ABN No: 31151345532

Status & Ownership
Sail Plastering and Painting Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company.
Frank Ilhan: Managing Director – Plastering
Hakan Saray: Painting Supervisor and Account Signatory

Business Objectives

Sail Plastering and Painting is an Australian company. Our experience extends across residential and commercial projects. Our goal is to continue to maintain our position as a well reputed company whilst bringing focus on mostly residential and semi-commercial projects including hanging, stopping, cornice, laser battens and suspended ceilings. We take pride in our workmanship using quality tools and materials to ensure the delivery of quality outcomes.

Our client base continues to grow based on reputation and delivery. The range is diverse due to our flexibility, from local builders who build a maximum of 10 houses per year to large commercial contractors like L.U. Simon and Englehart Homes.

The client base incorporates residential and commercial properties across the Northern and South eastern suburbs. Whilst the company has 4 full time qualified plasters and 1 apprentice (2nd year) we have established links and associations with additional sub-contractors forming long lasting associations and providing the ability to cope efficiently with larger projects requiring up to 15 employees on job.

As a company we have $ 10 million public liability insurance and we are a member of the Master Builders Association and Wall and Ceiling Association of Victoria.

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