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Data Rich Australia


Looking for a strong team to assist you in creating a bigger more successful business?

As any business owner would know your business depends on regular, properly qualified & targeted, enquiries, sales leads or appointments and strong marketing campaigns to create new business.

But the problem for most businesses is that marketing campaigns, business lead generation and setting appointments is one of the most difficult and time consuming parts of the sales process, that’s where Data Rich Australia can help your business. You simply place your order and receive the appointments, sales leads or marketing campaign you require.

For more information check out our products & services which include;

- Telemarketing Inbound & Outbound
- Answering Services
- Appointment Setting
- Sales Lead Generation
- Marketing Data Lists
- Online Marketing
- Search Engine Optimization
- Building Affordable Websites
- Back Office Services

Data Rich Australia specializes in data sales to companies looking to conduct their own marketing campaign. Our data is the best in the business and is well priced to allow businesses to conduct their own marketing campaigns on a reasonable budget.

We also have one of the best telemarketing teams in the industry. With some of our key team members having over 8 years’ experience in an abundance of campaigns you simply can’t go wrong with having your telemarketing campaigns taken care of by Data Rich Australia. No inbound or outbound telemarketing campaign is too big or too small for Data Rich Australia due to our always expanding team and centres.

Our Search Engine Optimization team allows you to have visibility on Google when potential customers are looking for your products and/or services. We have a proven track record and extensive portfolio when it comes to SEO our team is productive with fast efficient and professional results.

If you are having trouble running the back end of your business and need data entry, emailing, reception duties ect. but done have enough work to employ someone then have them taken care of by Data Rich Australia.

We also offer in house help to businesses looking to run their own marketing division. We can assist you in setting up telemarketing teams, conducting your own online marketing and much more.



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