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T Foster and Sons Pty Ltd.


T Foster and Sons has been operating in the Greater Western Sydney area for over 40 years. Our director, Terry Foster, has vast experience in the construction and building industry.

Our subcontractors are all fully trained and qualified to achieve the very best of workmanship in their chosen trade and aim to please the all of our customers.

The materials we use in our work and construction are all Australian-made and are of the best quality that money can buy. Our work is backed up by a 20-year guarantee. We promise to make this experience a pleasurable one.

On all fronts, we aim to do the very best work and this is evidenced by our longevity in the fencing industry.

Please call our friendly team members today.



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"What a poor experience we as a group of neighbours (3) have had. Nothing short of an absolute disorganised circus starting from the beginning. Quoted the job at the start on two fences, Only modification to the job was what one fence was to be demolished and disposed of by myself to reduce cost and that was it. Was to start on the Monday, No trades turned up, contacted the office and they had no idea where or what was going on with THEIR fencers. Apparently Non contactable so already we are a day late. Didn't want an apology just a bit of communication Tuesday the trades turned up, went hammer and tongs and literally threw a fence together. Was told there was an additional cost for wooden sleepers to be installed since there was a step between each property.. Fine but with 45 years of experience you would expect that this should have been noted from the start. Wednesday now and was told over the phone by TERRY the Owner that the fence is "Done" and in a satisfactory manner. I ask him "You Happy with it?" I get the response "Yep nothing wrong with it, done,.. perfect.." I get home that evening to find my neighbours gawking at what they have received as a fence by so called professionals. Gobsmacked... Nothing short of an amateur job at best. I am no fencer but am a very capable hands on person. Screws misaligned (I mean really bad), the fence line snakes and is not straight, the fence tops go uphill and downhill, SCREW HOLES IN THE UPRIGHTS MADE WHEN IT WAS SCREWED IN THE WRONG PLACE!, extra screws where they are not needed, Missing screws where they ARE needed, misaligned panels, not vertical uprights,.. you get the idea.. Now with my current work it does not permit me grace in time otherwise more than likely would have done the fence myself. BUT the fact of the matter is, this mob considers themselves as professionals of which is a HUGE understatement. No Workmanship, talent, effort or pride can seen in the fence that I and my neighbours have been provided. I contacted the company and they organised to send their GM to come and look at the fence. Only within a brief amount of time during the inspection he admits in front of all 3 neighbours that the fence is no good. "Defiantly No Stringline was used" he said. We all agreed on that. After about 25-30 minutes of inspection he admitted that the majority of the fence on one side had to be pulled out and the ENTIRE fence on the other had to be pulled out. BUT once again was not permitted to commit to anything since he had to deliberate with TERRY the OWNER.. This was on the Saturday. Monday now, called the office since I had received no contact by 11am about what is going to happen with my incomplete and now days late fence. Reception told me that the guys were busy and that the GM would call me back. I received the call with the final answer, "WE ARE COMING TO PULL THE FENCE DOWN, FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE FENCE FOR YOU" I was shocked.. I asked if they were going to put up a new one and got " YOUR NOT HAPPY WITH OUR FENCES SO GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE JOB" There moto is "100% satisfaction Guarantee".. far from... This MOB 'T Foster and Sons' is a joke. No Pride, No responsibility, No Skill. TERRY is an obnoxious pig of a man who is nothing but rude and a horror to deal with. Majority of the contactors he uses as well as staff members will tell you the same. All we wanted was a good fence. Willing to pay, willing to accept delay... But we WILL NOT accept poor quoting, WILL NOT accept rudeness, nor will we accept a job which is in our eyes and staff at T Foster and Sons eyes, (except TERRY) a rubbish job. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE is the moto of T FOSTER and Sons TERRY is not interested in customer satisfaction or reputation. Why he has lasted in this game for 45 years is beyond me but some advice would be to Stop and let someone else handle your company because honestly mate, Your all round Finished. You lack customer service You lack Pride in your work You lack respect for your contractors that's why they don't want to work for you and don't give a rats arse on doing a quality job Most of all you lack Honesty.. To everyone around you, your staff, your contractors and with the jobs you do for your clients. My advice to everyone considering this Mob for any sort of work.. Please don't.. Save yourself the Heartache and Hassle.. Your time is up TERRY Hang your boots up mate.. "
External Feedback from lenny

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"very professional"
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"Good workmanship, easy to deal with"
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" Peter and his team were great . I would recommend them 100% . "
from Schofields, NSW posted a job for Fencers on 26 December 2016

"Quick and easy to deal with. good communication. thanks"
from Fairfield East, NSW posted a job for Fencers on 14 December 2016

"Good guys to deal with"
from Erskine Park, NSW posted a job for Fencers on 26 November 2016

"Very quick in providing quote ,same way - highly efficient in installation. Highly recommended."
from Ropes Crossing, NSW posted a job for Fencers on 18 November 2016

"Very happy with the out come."
from Penrith, NSW posted a job for Colorbond Fencing on 22 May 2015



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