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Want to know how to cut power bills? It’s Easy!
Call Easy Efficiency today on 1300 07 11 22 for a free quote or assessment on your home or office.

We help householders and businesses with energy efficiency – which helps them save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Substantial cost savings can be made when energy is used efficiently, with power bill savings from 10% to 75% achieved by Easy Efficiency (typically 20% savings are achieved). Every home and business uses energy differently, so we recommend a free energy audit to determine your potential energy savings.

The cost of energy continues to rise
Since 2007, electricity prices have increased by 12 – 26% every year. We now pay double the price for electricity, since price rises began five years ago.

Easy Efficiency can offer you simple sustainability solutions that will save money year after year. Add to this your reduction in carbon emissions, and energy efficiency makes good sense for the future of the environment, too.

“The cheapest and most available new source of energy is the energy we waste.” Samuel Bodman, former US Department of Energy Secretary.

Easy Efficiency Products and Services
As well as advising on ways to save power, Easy Efficiency offers a number of quality energy efficient products and services.

Solar Hybrid Air-conditioner
Easy Efficiency is proudly the first NSW distributor of Sealey’s Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner range. Suitable for all homes, apartments and small businesses, the Sealey Solar Hybrid Air-conditioner uses solar energy to both heat and cool. It uses up to half the power of a standard electric air-conditioning system, and pays for itself in two years with energy bill savings.



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