Regal Design Studio
Belmont, WA
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Regal Design Studio


Residential and Commercial drafting services:

Customised residential & interior fitouts
Upmarket individual houses
Multi-residential developments
Customised multi-residential Unit developments
Customised small lot residential developments
Specialists in Timber Frame Townhouse Construction Designs
Project management
3d Conceptual Drawings
Free quotations and consultations
Local Government and Council Project Submissions.
Provide Builders to competitively cost or Tender your project


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Project Management
Town Planning
Building Designer
Building designs
Residential surveying
Boundary surveys
Mining surveys
Contour Plans & Detail Surveys
Subdivision & Redefinition Plans
Identification Surveys
Easement Plans
GIS Data Surveys
Building Surveys
Strata Surveys & Community Plans
Rural Surveys
Volume Surveys