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Peakhurst Heights, NSW
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REINCO Consultants


REINCO Consultants offers professional and creative design services to suit your residential project and budget requirements.

We specialise in providing the following design services:

• concept sketches
• feasibility studies
• council approved plans
• building estimates

For the following building types:

• medium density developments
• townhouse or villa developments
• dual occupancy developments
• new residence
• first floor additions
• alterations and additions

REINCO Consultants can also provide :

• full architectural services
• contract administration services
• project management services

You can always rely on Reinco Consultants to provide you with creative and cost-efficient designs to suit your new home or residential development.

For further information and a free no-obligation quote please contact us.



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Commercial Architecture
Project Management
Architecture For Extensions
Heritage Architecture
Building project management
Home renovation designs
Development approvals and council documentation
Residential surveying
Boundary surveys
Mining surveys
Contour Plans & Detail Surveys
Subdivision & Redefinition Plans
Identification Surveys
Easement Plans
GIS Data Surveys
Building Surveys
Strata Surveys & Community Plans
Rural Surveys
Volume Surveys